Ways to create a new compensation matrix, import and export compensation matrix in the Cytobank platform.  

In the Cytobank platform, there are many ways to create and modify a new compensation matrix. The compensation matrix can also be imported from the file-internal compensation, an existing experiment, or a CSV file. It can also be exported as a CSV file. In this article, we will review these topics:  

  • How to access the compensation page 
  • How to create a new compensation 
    • New Matrix 
    • Import 
    • Automatic 
  • How to export a compensation matrix out of the Cytobank platform.  

How to access the compensation page 

When you navigate to an existing Cytobank experiment, access the Compensation page by clicking the Compensation tab on the experiment level navigation bar. If the current setting is Uncompensated, the Compensation button will not appear in the navigation bar. In this case, please click Actions -> Edit compensation to access the Compensation Editor. 


How to create a new compensation 

On the compensation page, you will see three ways to create new compensation: 


1)New Matrix  

When you click on the New matrix tab, it allows you to create a new matrix table with 0 spillover values for further modifications. Please see Create or modify a compensation matrix manually for more information.  


To import a compensation matrix from File-internal compensation, an existing Cytobank Experiment, or a CSV file.   


This option is used to create a compensation matrix automatically from single stain controls. Please see the article for more details.  

How to export a compensation matrix out of the Cytobank platform 

In the compensation table list, you may duplicate an existing compensation matrix or export the matrix as a CSV file by clicking on the download icon within the Export column as shown below. Please note that only the matrix will be duplicated if you choose to duplicate a compensation matrix generated automatically, not the cleanup gates nor the single staining controls.  


The compensation created will be listed in the table on the Compensation Editor. It will also be available to be used as the Experiment-wide compensation and apply to all files in the experiment.  

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