Create a compensation matrix automatically from single stain controls (automatic compensation)

If you didn't take care of compensation at the cytometer, you might wish to generate your compensation matrix in Cytobank from single stain controls. Cytobank will automatically compute the compensation matrix using these controls via the Automatic Compensation tool.
To access the Automatic Compensation tool, access the Compensation page from the Compensation tab on the experiment level navigation bar.
Once you arrive on the Compensation page, click the "Automatic" button on the page specific navigation bar, and follow the on-screen instructions to tell Cytobank which channels need to be compensated, and afterward, which files hold the negative and positive populations per channel. Cytobank will make an attempt to automatically categorize these files but may require assistance. When ready, click to calculate the compensation matrix.
When you have finished, the newly calculated compensation matrix will appear under the list of compensations that you can select from the Working Illustration and from within the Gating Interface.

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