Copy / Clone or Delete a SPADE Analysis

Copy / Clone a SPADE Run

To make a copy of a completed SPADE run for doing experimental edits or for giving access to a different person, click the Copy Analysis Results link within the SPADE interface of the completed run. Currently, the SPADE run cannot be carried over when cloning the experiment itself.

To make a copy of just the SPADE settings for a new run to iterate on particular configurations and get different results, click the Copy Analysis Settings link within the SPADE interface.

(copy analysis results or settings)
Delete a SPADE Run

To delete a SPADE run, navigate to the experiment summary page of the parent experiment and click the trash can icon next to the name of the SPADE run, or find the experiment in the Experiment Manager and delete it from there.

(click the trash can icon to delete a SPADE analysis)

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