Boolean Gating


Cytobank currently supports only the AND operator for Boolean gating. Populations can be created and defined by specified gates using the Population Manager on the Gating Page. If you are interested in other Boolean operators such as NOT and OR, submit a support request discusssing your workflows and how you would benefit from this feature.


Reusing gates and copying / applying them to different parent populations

Note that transferring child gates to other parents can be accomplished differently than detailed below using TPP gates (learn more).

There are often circumstances where gates drawn for certain markers can be used by multiple populations. After gating the markers once in context of a certain parent population, it is useful to be able to apply the gates that were just drawn onto a different parent population. In this fashion, the same terminal gates are copied to a new parent to be reused.

Example workflow with images:


(example of workflow - copy the gated populations such that they are applied to an additional population)


(find the populations that need to be copied in the population manager and copy them)


(reformat the gate set definition of the copied populations to exclude the important defining gate and include the new important defining gate  learn more)


(the end result with copied and transferred populations - consider renaming them to help with identification in other parts of Cytobank)


Example workflow with animation:


(animation of workflow - click to expand)

Remember to use the filters above the Population Manager to filter gates and populations by name during this workflow! It can help tremendously as the Population Manager gets bigger.

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