Can data be accessed after a paid or trial subscription expires? Are data deleted? How to transfer data after a license expires?

There are two access levels to Cytobank. The first level of access is account access, and the second level is subscription access. A user account with account access will be able to sign into a Cytobank and see the user interface and data. If account access has been revoked, an attempt to sign in will be rejected with a message about the account being inactive. Subscription access gives the ability to do active analysis on existing data and upload new data to Cytobank. Informative error messages will appear when operations are attempted without a subscription.

Is your subscription ending soon? If you are an Enterprise user, there is no need to worry. All data and analyses are saved in a user's Enterprise account regardless of the state of the subscription / license, be it trial or paid. When a license expires, the account simply enters read-only mode and nothing happens to any data or analyses. They are not deleted or altered and there is no time limit to this policy. Other users who you have shared with will still be able to access your data as long as they have a current subscription. However, if you are registered on Premium Cytobank, your data will be deleted 90 days after your subscription ends. You will receive multiple warning emails, reminding you to renew your subscription if you desire to keep your data and/or continue analysis on Cytobank. Check your spam filters and ensure your IT department whitelists all email coming from cytobank.org to ensure you receive these email warnings.

In read-only mode with no active subscription, previous illustrations/figures can be viewed and data can be downloaded in a raw form or packaged into an ACS file for transferring entire Experiments. Data can also be deleted without a subscription. Active or new analyses cannot be done, however, until a subscription is secured. Note: Cytobank supports the bulk transfer of all user data and analyses between servers. Contact sales@cytobank.org for any inquiries related to this service.

Any data that are public either on Community or Premium Cytobank will be protected and not deleted regardless of the account status. This is a great way to protect publication-associated datasets while sharing them with the scientific community.

For any matters regarding account or subscription access to Cytobank, please contact sales@cytobank.org.

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