Add node ID numbers to a SPADE tree

There is a way to add node IDs to a SPADE tree in order to visually identify nodes of interest by id number. In addition, you can highlight nodes in the SPADE tree by ID! This workflow is useful when you have identified nodes of interest by some means but want to see where they appear in the SPADE tree.


(node numbers on the SPADE tree. Note the ability to highlight certain nodes, indicated with node number 131 at the bottom)


There are special console scripts that you can run in your web browser console to access functionality that is not part of the Cytobank platform.  You may fill out this form to download the script package. Upon submission, you will be sent an email message containing a link to download a compressed (.zip) file or pdf document containing the scripts.


Disclaimer:  Those scripts are available upon request and are not supported or maintained by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. Your use of these scripts is solely at your own risk, without recourse to Beckman Coulter Life Sciences.



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