How to export and download Statistical Inference and statistical table from an Illustration


Statistics can be downloaded from the Illustration Editor by navigating to the Statistical Inference or Statistics section at the bottom of the page.  Clicking on the CSV icon will download a file containing statistics pertaining to the data that you have used to create your illustration.  

Download Statistical Inference and Statistical tables 

When you have performed a statistical test within the Illustration Editor, the corresponding Statistical Inference table and the statistical table will show up below the illustration. Click on the CSV icon will download the statistic tables.  


If no statistical test was performed, the statistical table will show the value from the illustration, and you may download the table as normal by clicking on the CSV icon  blobid0.png

Clicking into the Displaying selections to the left of the CSV icon allows you to access a dropdown menu where you can update the statistics table parameters by changing the equation, statistic type, or channel values used to create the illustration.  Making changes in the dropdown menus of the Displaying selections can also change the displayed illustration.  For instance, if you change the equation from raw to transformed ratio on a heatmap illustration the figure will be updated accordingly.  Read more about configuring heatmaps in this article  


The corresponding downloaded csv file can be opened in excel or prism for statistical analysis.  


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