Understanding the Illustration Editor and Saved Illustrations

Illustration Editor   

The Illustration Editor in the Cytobank platform is an active workspace to generate plots and statistics. Any changes to the configuration will be reflected instantly on your plots. Changes will be automatically saved unless the auto-save function is disabled.  



 (Illustration Editor) 


Saved Illustrations   

A Saved Illustration can be edited by the same user after it is saved. Users are recommended to clone a new copy after opening a saved illustration to avoid accidentally overwriting previously saved illustrations (indicated above).  

By default, a saved illustration is locked from editing by other users. To unlock it, click on the “lock” icon on the top right corner (indicated above) and this allows editing by any user with full access to this experiment. If two users are trying to edit the same illustration at the same time, a notification will appear. 


Viewing Saved Illustrations 

Saved Illustrations can be viewed in three ways: 

  1. Go to the Experiment Summary page of the Experiment and view the list of Saved Illustrations.   
  2. Click on Illustrations  > View All Saved 
  3. Click on Illustrations > Recent






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Have more questions? Submit a request