Download SPADE Data and Statistics


There are various download operations supported from the SPADE interface. Click the links below to jump to the appropriate section in this article.


Download Spreadsheets of Statistics by Sample, Node, and Channel:

All spreadsheets of statistics organized by node ID, sample, and by metric can be downloaded by clicking "Download Statistics Tables" under the "Actions" sidebar.


Download other tables of supporting data

Clicking this link opens a sub menu to download the clusters.table, global_boundaries.table, or layout.table files.



Download all available data from the SPADE run including all statistics, FCS files, tables, supporting files, etc.:

This link gives a Zip file with all the data as the contents:



View and copy SPADE statistics from the interface:

Click on a node or group of nodes and their statistics will appear in the table of statistics at the bottom of the SPADE page.

  • The columns that appear in the table of statistics can be adjusted using the top right button labeled "Select Columns".
  • To copy statistics out of the interface, simply click and drag across the cells of interest, and then copy and paste into a different program. You can also start the click and drag from the "Node Attributes" label in order to grab column headers.


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