Register an account with Cytobank, get validated, and verify your Email

To get started with Cytobank you will need to register an account. After the account is created, it will need to be validated. Account validation often happens automatically, but is otherwise done by a Cytobank administrator for your particular Cytobank private cloud. Once validated, the account will need to have its Email address verified.


Registering an account

Using a supported browser, navigate to the appropriate Cytobank resource and click the link to create an account. This step is important because Cytobank offers private cloud solutions that are separated by different URLs. Registering with institutional Email is best.

Basic Cytobank: https://www.cytobank.org/cytobank/

Premium Cytobank: https://premium.cytobank.org/cytobank/

Enterprise Cytobank: (e.g., stanford.cytobank.org). Contact us or Email sales@cytobank.org to see if your organization already has an Enterprise Cytobank!


Account Validation

After registering, you will be given a message on the login page which indicates if you have been automatically validated or if you still need to be validated. If you have been automatically validated, then login and proceed to the next step!

If you were not automatically validated, an administrator will go through the process to validate you and you will be alerted by Email. If you are not validated within 24 hours, get in touch with us at support@cytobank.org.


Email Verification

When your account is validated you will receive a welcome Email with an Email verification link. Click the link in that Email while logged in to Cytobank to verify your Email address. Alternatively, click the green button to send a special verification email.

Get in touch with us if you have trouble.






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