Generate an API token in Cytobank


In order to interface with Cytobank via the API (for example, using the CytobankAPI R package), users must authenticate. This can be done either with a username and password or by generating an API token, as is recommended if this authentication step will be saved in a script. This guide will take you step by step through generating an API token within the Cytobank interface, and will show you how to authenticate via the CytobankAPI R package.



  1. Login to your Cytobank via your credentials.


  1. Access the Account Settings page by clicking on your username dropdown menu at the top-most navigation bar (1). Click on the Account Settings item (2).



  1. Once on the Account Settings page, find the API Token section and click Generate API Token.


  1. Once the Generate API Token button is clicked, a box will appear with your API Token. This token lasts for 8 hours, after which you must create a new one.



  1. Authenticate via the CytobankAPI R package by copying the code below, and replacing premium with your Cytobank site, cytobank_user with your login username, and CYTOBANK_AUTH_TOKEN with the API token that was generated from the previous step.

cyto_session <- CytobankAPI::authenticate(site="premium", user="cytobank_user", auth_token="CYTOBANK_AUTH_TOKEN")



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