Cytobank API Libraries for Programming Languages


Libraries or "wrappers" in various programming languages make accessing a web API a simple task. Currently there is only one official library written in R to seamlessly integrate with the Cytobank API, since this language is the most common used in conjunction with data or analyses done on Cytobank. Get in touch with Cytobank Support if your workflow would benefit from API libraries written in other languages.



Download the CytobankAPI R package directly into your R environment by entering this command:

> install.packages("CytobankAPI")

Then load the package contents into your R environment with the following command and get started!

> library(CytobankAPI)

Useful links:

CytobankAPI R package CRAN page

CytobankAPI quickstart vignette (basic use and examples)

CytobankAPI Advanced Analysis vignette (overview of using SPADE, viSNE, FlowSOM and CITRUS via the API)



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