Apply Sample Tags Based on Custom Metadata Fields Within FCS Files

In Cytobank, Sample Tags are applied by inputting a list of tags by name to associate with samples. One way of accomplishing this process is through the Sample Tags interface within Cytobank. In this case, Cytobank will search the filename and sample name of the FCS files for context that matches the inputted tag names and will attempt to apply them automatically (learn more about applying Sample Tags in this fashion). Alternatively, Sample Tags can be applied manually with a CSV file.

In some cases, however, information needed for application of Sample Tags is already present within FCS files in the form of custom keywords, such as Patient ID or other identifiers. These keywords can't be parsed by Cytobank within the interface and are painful to load into a CSV to manually apply sample tags by spreadsheet. In these cases, it is desired to automatically apply Sample Tags according to the metadata within the FCS files themselves. Unfortunately, this isn't possible by default in Cytobank, but Cytobank Support has a workaround to accomplish this workflow! Get in touch to find out how.


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