The Cytobank in-app Tutorial for New Users


Are you new to Cytobank and interested in a walk-through tutorial of how to use the tools in order to deepen your understanding of the platform? Learn through the in-app tutorial!

The in-app tutorial will walk you through a basic workflow in Cytobank, showing you where to click and how to move forward. Along the way, links out to the Support Portal will be present in order to learn even more about the principle and practice of each step. Currently the tour covers:

  1. Panels and Channels
  2. Annotation of FCS files with Sample Tags
  3. Compensation
  4. Gating
  5. Making figures in the Working Illustration

The tour does not currently cover analysis workflows with algorithms (e.g. SPADE, viSNE, etc.), exporting statistics with the export statistics tool, or a variety of other functionalities within Cytobank. For information on these functionalities, consult the relevant support sections/articles by using the article search bar above.


How to use the in-app tutorial

To start the tour, navigate to the Working Illustration. In the navigation bar there will be a yellow button that advertises the tour:


(the new user tour button for the in-app tutorial, located in the Working Illustration)


If you don't see this button, it could be because the X button was previously clicked to hide it. To re-enable the tour, navigate to your profile in the upper-right corner of your window by clicking on your user name > Account settings. Click the link to Edit your account from the top left. Find the checkbox for “Display new user tour,” and enable the checkbox, then click the green “Update User,” button at the bottom.


                                                                 (toggle the in-app tutorial on or off in user profile)


Once the tour has been activated, the guided walk-through will begin. It is divided into multiple sections. Any section can be done at any time by clicking on the relevant blue number. The tour can be exited at any time by clicking the X button on the yellow dialogs.



(the first screen of the in-app tutorial)


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