The Differences between Basic Cytobank, Premium Cytobank, and Enterprise Cytobank


Cytobank is a cloud-based platform for the analysis, storage, and sharing of flow and mass cytometry data. Cytobank is completely on the Internet and requires only a web browser and an account for access. There is otherwise no installation, updating, or maintenance of any other software or hardware necessary in order to use Cytobank.

There are many independent Cytobanks that can be accessed via unique URLs. These Cytobanks do not communicate with each other and do not share user accounts. They are completely private and separate services in each case. Accessing the correct Cytobank will be a matter of accessing the correct URL for that Cytobank.


(There are many Cytobank servers that are separate services with unique web addresses, data stores, and user lists)


Overview of Community, Premium, and Enterprise

There are two versions of Cytobank that are available to the public: Community Cytobank and Premium Cytobank. Any user from any institution can securely and privately store their data on these resources, as well as analyze and collaborate with other users registered on the same resource. By default, no data stored or action taken by a user on these Cytobanks is visible to other users without intentionally choosing to share this information. Enterprise Cytobank is a private Cytobank solution for organizations or collaborations that desire a private resource. All Cytobanks are highly secure, but Enterprise Cytobank carries the highest security certification of the Cytobank offerings. Access to Enterprise Cytobank is mediated by the administrators of the Enterprise account.

Community Cytobank does not have viSNE, SPADE, FlowSOM, CITRUS, or Sunburst, as well as some other functionality present on Premium and Enterprise Cytobank. On Community Cytobank, these functionalities will be greyed out and not clickable. Premium and Enterprise Cytobank have the same set of functionality / features and do not differ in this regard.

Please visit the Cytobank website for more details about the differences between Community, Premium, and Enterprise Cytobank.


Accessing Cytobank

Cytobank resources are separate clouds which do not communicate directly between each other. User accounts are not shared across Cytobanks and must be manually registered on multiple Cytobanks if access to multiple Cytobanks is necessary. Special steps must be taken to share or access data on different Cytobanks.

Accessing the correct Cytobank is a matter of accessing the correct URL for that Cytobank:

Community Cytobank - https://community.cytobank.org

Premium Cytobank - https://premium.cytobank.org

Enterprise Cytobank - There are many Enterprise Cytobanks. Talk to your organization's Cytobank administrator or contact Cytobank for the correct URL or to see if your organization already has Enterprise Cytobank.




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