Sharing statistics templates

Table of Contents

  1. Background
  2. Sharing Templates Between Users
  3. Transfer Templates Between Cytobanks
  4. Make Statistics Templates public (admins only)



Templates for exporting statistics can be managed from within the export statistics tool. Templates may be shared between users, moved between Cytobanks, or made available publicly. It is important to note that if templates are shared between experiments with unmatched population names or unmatched channel short names (i.e. instrument detector names), the unmatched statistics will not be transferred to the corresponding experiment. Transferring statistics with the same channel short name, but a different channel long name is permissible and Cytobank will automatically update the template to use the correct long name in most cases. If you or a collaborator used a custom column name when making the template, you’ll need to evaluate the statistics template in the receiving experiment to make sure the “column name” and “channel” match.


(notifying the user that the shared template has unmatched columns)


Sharing Templates Between Users

To share a saved template with another user navigate to the export statistics tool. At the top of the Export experiment statistics interface navigate to “Settings Templates” and select the template to share. Next, select the person icon and click to share the template with another Cytobank user. In the pop-up window, enter the user names of the individuals you would like to share a template with and select each individual. Select “Done” to close the window.

sharingtemplatewithanotheruser.png (sharing template with another user)


Transfer Templates Between Cytobanks

To transfer a saved template between Cytobanks, first navigate to the export statistics tool. At the top of the Export experiment statistics interface, navigate to “Settings Templates” and select the template to share. Download and save the template file (JSON format) to your computer.


(downloading statistics  template)

Navigate to the destination Cytobank server and experiment (or create a new Cytobank experiment)  where you would like to transfer the template. Enter the export statistics tool and select “Import from file” under “Settings Templates”, and choose your downloaded and saved template.

transferringtemplatebetweencytobanks.png (transferring template between Cytobanks)


Make Statistics Templates Public (admins only)

 Only Cytobank administrators may make statistics templates publicly available. Get in touch with Cytobank Support if expanding this functionality to others would improve your workflows. To make a saved public template, navigate to the export statistics tool and create your desired template. Then under “Settings Templates,” select “Save public template”. You will then be prompted in a pop-up window to give your template a name. Enter a name and select “Save template.” This template will now be available under the public subsection of “Settings Templates” for other Cytobank users on your site to use.


(admin making template publicly available)


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