Understanding the Working Illustration and Saved Illustrations

The Working Illustration
Your Working Illustration in Cytobank is an active workspace. Any changes to the configuration of the Working Illustration cause a permanent change to it. The saving of the changes and updating of the Working Illustration is mediated by the Update Illustration button that appears when changes to your Working Illustration are made. Each time this button is pressed, your Working Illustration is changed and its new configuration is saved. Each user with access to an Experiment gets their own Working Illustration.
(the Update Illustration button)
Saved Illustrations
A Saved Illustration is simply a snapshot of your current Working Illustration. A Saved Illustration is not able to be changed after it is saved. It is only able to be loaded, renamed, or deleted (rename or delete can currently only be done on the Experiment Summary page). When you load a Saved Illustration, what is actually happening is that its configuration is overwriting your Working Illustration, and your Working Illustration adopts the configuration of the Saved Illustration.
To save an illustration, use the Save button in the Navigation Bar:
(saving an illustration)
Viewing Saved Illustrations
Saved Illustrations can be viewed in three ways:
1) Go the Experiment Summary page of the Experiment and view the list of Saved Illustrations.
2) Click on the Illustrations menu > View All Saved
3) Click on the Illustrations menu > Recent

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