Delete an experiment


How to delete an experiment

Log in to Cytobank and enter the Experiment Manager. Select the experiments you want to delete by clicking on the checkbox next to them and click on the button named "Delete". This will move your experiments to the "Trash".


Alternately, you can delete an experiment by clicking "Delete" under the "Actions" dropdown menu on the experiment level navigation bar (within an experiment).



When deleting experiments with linked experiments

  • When a top-level experiment (that has Advanced Analyses and Clones) is moved to the Trash, the Advanced Analyses are deleted, but the Clones (and any Manually Linked Experiments) are preserved and unlinked. The Clones are not relinked if the parent experiment is recovered from the Trash, but they can be manually relinked later.
  • When a child or grandchild is deleted, the same logic as above applies for any descendants. Ancestor experiments are not impacted.

How to permanently delete or recover deleted experiments

You can only delete an experiment if you are the uploader or the PR of the experiment. Marking an experiment as deleted actually does not delete the experiment immediately, but instead moves it to the trash. Experiments can be permanently deleted or recovered from the trash after accessing the trash from the left panel within the experiment manager and then choose Remove from the trash to recover the experiments or Permanently delete. Experiments can’t be recovered after permanently deleted from the trash.


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