Pairwise plots: plot all channels against each other in a matrix


Certain workflows can benefit from seeing a figure that plots every channel against every channel from the data. In other software this may be called NxN Plots (N by N plots). In Cytobank this functionality is called Pairwise Plots.


How to use Pairwise Plots

On the Working Illustration page, click the "Pairwise Plots" tab next to the "Gating Hierarchy" tab, and click the "Show Pairwise Plots" button for the selected file of your choice. This will create a collection of many plots with all channels against each other for the selected population.


(location in the interface for Pairwise Plots)


(an example result from Pairwise Plots)


Increasing speed of Pairwise Plots

Sometimes Pairwise Plots takes a while to generate or is too slow. To speed it up, try time slicing the population you are using to generate the plots. This lowers the overall complexity of the operation.

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