Automatically Generated Figure of Gating Strategy


The Gating Hierarchy tool allows the automatic creation of figures to illustrate a gating hierarchy. For example:

(The gating steps for the population "CD45RA- Memory CD4+ T cells are shown automatically)


How to generate a Gating Hierarchy figure in Cytobank

  1. Make sure the Populations Figure Dimension is activated in the Working Illustration.
  2. Choose the populations you are interested in seeing the gating hierarchy for.
  3. Update the Working Illustration.
  4. Click on the Gating Hierarchy tab to see the figure.


Modifying the appearance of the plots of the gating hierarchy

Styling of the Gating Hierarchy plots such as plot type, size, color palette, tick marks, axis labels, scale numbers, background color, and more can be adjusted. To adjust these parameters, simply configure the plot controls panel on the left of the Working Illustration and then click the green button to update the illustration.

Currently, the percentage statistic label that appears next to the gate on each plot of the hierarchy can't be changed in the interface with a visible setting. If you need this label changed, contact Cytobank Support for a trick to change the label statistic or to make them invisible.


View Gating Hierarchy for all Files in an Experiment

To view the gating hierarchy for all files in the experiment, click the "show hierarchy for all files in a new tab" button in the Gating Hierarchy pane.



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