Automatically Generated Figure of Gating Strategy


The Gating hierarchy tool allows the automatic creation of figures to illustrate a gating hierarchy. For example:


(The gating steps for the population "CD45RA- Memory CD4+ T cells are shown automatically. Plots are for illustration purposes only.)


How to generate a Gating hierarchy figure on the Cytobank platform

  1. From within an experiment, click the Gates button on the navigation bar and then click on Gating hierarchy.
  2. Select the files that you are interested in creating a hierarchy for by clicking choose in the FCS Files box.
  3. Choose the populations you are interested in seeing the gating hierarchy for by also clicking choose in the Populations box.
  4. The figure will automatically update to show your gating hierarchy.


A printer friendly view of the Gating hierarchy figure can be viewed by clicking on Print view in the middle of the Gating hierarchy navigation bar.





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