Modify a file-internal compensation matrix in Cytobank (import a compensation matrix from an FCS file)

Many users choose to calculate a compensation matrix directly on the flow cytometer prior to collecting samples. However, sometimes it becomes apparent during analysis this computed matrix needs adjustment. To modify file-internal compensation, you first need to extract the matrix.

Access the Compensation page by clicking the "Comps" button on the experiment level navigation bar.
(first navigate to the compensation page within an Experiment)
Click the "Import" button on the page specific navigation bar.
(choose to import a comp from the compensation page)

Under the "File-Internal Compensation" tab, select a representative FCS file that contains the file-internal compensation matrix and click "Import Compensation". The file-internal compensation matrix values will appear. This matrix will now appear under the list of compensations that you can select in the Working Illustration and Gating Interface.


 (electing to import a file-internal matrix from a file)


To make edits, click inside any cell with a number and edit that numerical value. Changes will be automatically saved and reflect in the plot to the left.


(adjusting a compensation matrix manually)

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