Increase plot size or increase plot resolution in the Illustration Editor

Plot size can be increased or decreased by hovering the mouse over a plot and, choosing the desired size on the Size option under the Plot settings menu that appears automatically. Available plot size resolutions are shown in pixels.




You can also change this setting by clicking on the Plots tab of the Illustration Editor navigation bar and clicking in the box next to Size.




Alternatively, you may open the More plot settings window from the Plots tab and change the size under the General menu.




In addition, you can select the Placeholder size. This option gives you a very zoomed out view of how your illustrations are configured. It displays small dot, histogram, or contour plot icons instead of the real plots. It is very useful when setting up a new figure.





Note that heatmap plots cannot have their size adjusted and Placeholder view is not available.


For discussion on the various ways to export plots and figures from the Cytobank platform, see our article: Download or Export Plots from Cytobank as Images, SVG, PDF, or to PowerPoint.



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