Overview of Cytobank anatomy and organization, basic concepts

Here is list of five core Cytobank concepts:

1. Experiments: An Experiment is the base level of organization in Cytobank. All data and analyses exist inside an Experiment. Experiments can be organized into Projects, and all your Experiments can be accessed from the Inbox.

2.The Experiment Manager: The Experiment Manager is the first page you are directed to upon signing in to Cytobank. It’s where you can manage your experiments. It contains the Experiments you own or have permission to view. Experiments in the Manager can be searched, filtered, and organized with Labels. Please see the Overview of the experiment manager for more details.

3. Sample tags: FCS files in isolation aren't as valuable without contextual annotations. Sample tags are the way in which experimental and scientific variables are assigned to FCS files in Cytobank. Annotating with Sample Tags is useful for a number of reasons:

  1. Data archiving: Annotated data stands the test of time better than files alone, especially when revisiting results later.
  2. Collaboration: When your colleague visits your experiment, the nuances of how the variables of the experiment relate to the files will be easy to grasp.
  3. Figure generation and analysis: After inputting Sample Tags, figures are easily created and adjusted dynamically. It allows working above the level of individual FCS files and instead driving figure generation with experimental variables.                                                                                                                
4. The Illustration Editor: The  Illustration Editor is where you create Illustrations (figures) in Cytobank. An Illustration is a figure created from the data in an Experiment. Illustrations can be richly configured with a variety of plot types and statistics, and are built using Sample Tags in the Experiment.

5. Advanced Analysis: Advanced Analysis is the summary term for algorithms designed to bring a new level of sophistication and automation to your scientific workflows. Accessible computational analysis is a staple of the Cytobank platform and the future of single cell analysis. Read more about Advanced Analysis methods available in Cytobank.


Check out a brief video overview of Cytobank Experiment Manager and navigation



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