Sharing data with Cytobank subscribers across different Cytobanks

In your long and productive career using Cytobank, you may at some point wish to collaborate with another Cytobank subscriber, but it's possible that this collaborator will not be registered on the same Cytobank server as you. Two people working on different Cytobanks servers cannot share in the normal way and will have to use a workaround (listed below). Check out our article explaining how Cytobank operates through separate, private clouds to learn more. Workarounds are as follows, outlined by cases:
Case 1 Is this a one-time occurrence and data will not need to be shared regularly?
Solution: The experiment can be transferred by ACS. This feature is accessible by going to Action>Export>Export experiment to ACS on the experiment level navigation bar. The ACS file represents the entire Cytobank experiment and can be uploaded to a different Cytobank.

Case 2 Is this a collaboration where continuous data sharing will be expected, and moving the files and analyses back and forth will be a pain?
Solution 1: With administrative clearance, a paid subscriber to Cytobank can access any Cytobank. In order to setup this arrangement, start an email thread with you, your collaborator, and sales@cytobank.org to work out the proper clearances. For all parties, describe which Cytobank servers you currently have access to, your account details, and the desired Cytobank for the collaboration to take place on.
Solution 2: Inquire to sales@cytobank.org for a new private server for your collaboration.

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