Benchmark for PeacoQC run capacity

PeacoQC is a very powerful data QC tool in the Cytobank platform. We have benchmarked the run capacity to determine how the number of events and parameters affect the run. 

Like the other machine learning algorithms the Cytobank platform offers, the PeacoQC process may fail to run if the input data is too large for the computing resource allocations of your Cytobank server.

When running a PeacoQC process, there are certain limitations on the kind of files that can be used to run. PeacoQC process won’t run if an individual file met any of those limits: 

1) is over 500MB

2) has more than 500 channels

3) has more than 8 million events

4) has less than 1500 events

5) doesn’t satisfy the limit of the event number and channel number combination in the table below. 



The number of channels and the number of events will have an impact on the run. Reducing the size of these factors can significantly reduce the chance of failure. We titrate the run based on the number of channels and number of events to define three zones: the green successful run zone, the yellow warning zone and red exceeding memory limits zone. Please note this is based on per file and not the total files. If there are any given files that fall into the warning or exceeding memory limits zone, you should reduce the size of the selection. There is no known total event limit for the PeacoQC process.


  • If the combination of the # of events and # of channels falls in the green zone, you should be able to run PeacoQC process successfully. 
  • If the combination of the # of events and # of channels falls in the yellow warning zone, there will be a warning message indicating that the run may fail due to memory limits. You may reduce the event or attempt the run anyway.
  • If the combination of the # of events and # of channels falls in the red warning zone, the algorithm will tell you the max # of events that you can run with the # of channels.  You may reduce the selection based on the advice before being able to launch the run. 




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